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Profiling and Matchmaking Strategies in Support of Opportunistic Collaboration

FORUM BRIC supports companies in the automotive and related industries in entering and capturing the market in cooperation with local partners who combine expertise with experience. We have created a platform that many companies use to exchange experiences, network and obtain market information, in addition to supplier conferences and business delegations. We focus on providing our clients with personal attention — right through from initial information to the implementation of their activities.

Market analysis Matchmaking European suppliers with local suppliers Supplier research and pre-selection. Networking Market analysis Establishing a business plan Site search and selection Market entry strategy Research and selection of a local production partner Supplier research and selection Preparation and implementation of business visits.

Project typeTrade intermediary; Joint venture; Production, marketing or other The company is interested also in JV with Finnish partners as well as activity.

Introduction To survive in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, companies must deliver integrated and flexible solutions to customers and, in all likelihood, they can be better achieved through collaboration. In other words, alliances are no longer an option but a necessity for the success of a company.

It is remarkable that for the time being, most companies have a less professional approach to selecting and forming strategic alliances. Often no action is taken based on a strategic plan, choices and the limited selections of partners are based on coincidence or existing relationships. Moreover, if steps are being taken towards alliance plans, these will remain superficial and will not be sufficiently formal. The result is that the joint venture activity gets stuck.

Ultimately, after all, intensive and time-consuming exercises, it is sad and can even lead to considerable damage.

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With the recent advances in communications technologies and decentralization of work practices, there has been an increase in distributed, remote, computerized work environments. In most systems, individuals work from their personal computer terminals, unaware of their peers. With the change from a physical to a virtual environment, opportunities for collaboration often go unnoticed.


Even in his early days, Andy Hussong lived out this principle and cared enough about people to make different connections. Andy has been doing this for more than 12 years after learning from a very prominent personality in internet marketing, John Reese. He elaborates on the acronym P-A-R-T-N-E-R, which is a process that allows you to hone your focus and have a system to any matchmaking and deal-making ventures.

It is the overall mindset you ought to have to get things in place and get long-term partners onboard. He also expanded on the acronym P-O-W-E-R, which is something to keep in mind if you want others to keep promoting a particular product or offer. If the information shared in these weekly conversations and interviews have helped you in your business journey, please head over to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave us an honest review.

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A joint venture agreement defines the asset contribution of and distribution to and a member of our team will begin working on your matchmaking process.

Guy Ranjatoelina CEO. Email guy. Project type Joint Venture, Trade Intermediary. Project abstract S. SA, Madagascar registered company specialised in trading and supporting of industrial projects including projects in public works, mining and energy, is searching for Finnish partners for several projects including 1. Pine wood pellets production JV project, 2. Distributorship possibilities of Finnish equipment and products for energy industry.

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Australia’s biggest public transport project, has opened to the public. The Mott MacDonald, KBR and SMEC design joint venture (JV) worked on behalf of the.

When two companies want to form a new legal entity to engage in a mutually profitable transaction for a finite time, those parties can enter into a joint venture agreement. A joint venture agreement defines the asset contribution of and distribution to each party for the venture. You might pursue a joint venture to develop a new product or market an existing one, among many other reasons. Priori Legal can help you find and hire a transactional attorney to negotiate and draft a joint venture agreement.

Although the new company is considered a legally independent entity, it is operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the two or more companies that engage in the joint venture. Every joint venture should be defined by a carefully drafted joint venture agreement. Hiring a lawyer will help cover the numerous and complex issues that must be addressed in the agreement. Among others, these include:. The investments by each individual company, such as cash, equipment or technological expertise;.


Mergers and Acquisitions. Strat Team delivers the well-matched, best-suited counter-party for your requirements. And then hand-holds you at all stages, coordinating and discovering hidden value at each stage.

recognition of this the Fresh Start initiative in Cornwall set up a matchmaking entrants in some form of JV arrangement has been recognised in extension and.

These talks could be protracted and the China side often unfamiliar with Western accounting and financial modeling. In the early days of Sino-foreign JVs, FAW was the game in town — producing everything from cars, trucks, buses and coaches to auto parts and even trams and railway carriages. Detroit seemed sophisticated by comparison. The returns for these businesses have proven spectacular. Johnson Controls, for example, grew their sales from the Changchun JV with FAW by 48 percent last year, and are increasing their local headcount from its existing 3, to 3, by the year end.

These are impressive statistics which are effectively keeping the Johnson Controls business alive and healthy while its U. No China, and the future picture for the company would start to look very different. The result? That is the now emerging win-win-win scenario that has oft been discussed but until recently has been viewed with some skepticism. The fact that FAW are on the scene and are able now to make and manage such introductions is possibly what is keeping the bruised and battered U.

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The NH Small Business Matchmaker brings small businesses together with prime contractors and federal agencies. Its design allows small businesses to meet with targeted prime contractors and government agencies that are looking for small businesses with appropriate services or products to fulfill their government contracts. See the growing list of exhibitors below. Small business resources are available during the day; several breakout sessions on aspects of government contracting are offered and will be listed here soon.

As well as ‘lenders’, we also have a number of JV (joint-venture) contacts, Developer/contractor matchmaking service; JV % funding including all costs.

A profitable way to minimize the risk of expanding your company is to pool resources with your competitor and create a joint venture. It may only last for one project or a series of projects, but a joint venture can bring you a greater return for your investment, let you achieve goals more quickly and allow you to take on larger projects. Entrepreneurs at the expansion stage typically face a dilemma: To distinguish themselves from their competitors, they must add a new product or service, a new market, or a contract twice the size of anything they’ve done before.

But they need a whopping investment for that kind of expansion, and there is no guarantee the investment will pay off. Joint ventures are a popular way to share the costs of expanding into new territory. A joint venture JV is an incorporated entity, in which each participating company is responsible for the entity’s actions and debts. Unlike a merger, however, a JV is temporary and is often dissolved or sold on completion of the project that brought the partners together.

Your best friend at a time like this may actually be a competitor — or at least, a company in a related line of business, such as a supplier.

China’s Large SOEs Increasingly Matchmaking For Western Partners

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recognition of this the Fresh Start initiative in Cornwall set up a matchmaking For older farmers, a partnership-style JV represents an opportunity to retire.

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