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American Salmon Forest Sessions

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Though Blitzen Trapper have not seen the same level of success LP under the Blitzen Trapper name, ‘s Blitzen Trapper, for one “Black River Killer” from Furr led into the lone selection from ‘s VII for “Thirsty Man.

There’s a scene in Charles Portis’ “True Grit” that goes something like this: “With that, Quincy brought the bowie knife down on Moon’s cuffed hand and chopped off four fingers which flew up before my eyes like chips from a log. Moon screamed and a rifle ball shattered the lantern in front of me and struck Quincy in the neck, causing hot blood to spurt on my face.

My thought was: I am better out of this. It provides him with the trappings of something bordering on the Biblical. Earley and the Trapper live in a pre-modern land of homesteaders and a land where people could easily go missing and never be found again. They take us into this land of memorable characters living through such times that would never remember a worthless, faceless face – just another body behind some odor, some dirty hands and some scraggly limbs. They are prideful men, family men some of them, building their homes – enough for the wife and the brood – with their own hands, with the wood taken from trees that they felled themselves, with their words taken from cold, cold hangover-draggin’ mornings.

They are of wanderers from Wichita, Kansas, broken girls who are just found dead in lonely towns and in need of a pine box and some straw in their heads, after hard and short lives, masked by a ritual application of cheap perfume and stubbornness. There is an unbearable sadness that accompanies much of what they do, though there’s no denying that even in the perkiest of moments, the band is sweet on that sadness and never thinks of it as a cur. They never want to outrun it, but are more interested in seeing what that sadness takes with its coffee and how it lies its head to rest at night.

This is the sixth Daytrotter session for Blitzen Trapper, currently the most sessions of any one else on the planet. We are honored to call the fellows in this great band friends and hope they keep making special albums forever. Blitzen Trapper Official Site. All Sessions.

Fuse Album Review: Blitzen Trapper Holds Steady with “VII”

Archives RSS. This is one band for whom a cliche truly applies; they really are better live. Songs that escaped my notice from the new record became favorites after hearing them live, like the groovy keyboard-heavy “Faces of You “- a song that really started off the first real hip-swaying of the night.

Black River Killer (Album). Furr. God & Suicide · Furr. Dragon’s Song (​Album). Destroyer Of The Void. The Man Who Would Speak True (Album).

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Blitzen Trapper: A bowshot to the heart at the Neptune Theater (PHOTOS)

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Official video for “Thirsty Man”, by Blitzen Trapper, directed by yours truly “​Thirsty Man” live on The Current in Minneapolis – one of the greatest radio.

While listening to the third album from singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, Build Me Up from Bones , it is hard to believe she is only 22 years old. The prodigious mandolin, banjo, and guitar player has a gorgeous voice, an uncommon way with words that is spellbinding, and she takes chances. VII is a solid return to form for the Portland, Oregon-based rock band after its lackluster previous release, American Goldwing.

As the lights dim and the countdown begins, it almost feels like a typical evening at Live Arts. But then you look away from your screen, and the illusion is broken. All art is political, but printmaking can take it to another level. We only need to consider the history of the Works Progress Administration, Soviet government propaganda, or even the Black Panther Party to see how print pieces can be immersed in ideology.

Literally using knives to cut through. Hot tip: Part of the reason that Bob Ross and his happy little trees were so popular is that we were able to witness his process in real time or previously recorded real time.

Blitzen Trapper Song Lyrics

The group signed to Sub Pop Records in the summer of The release of Furr in was a high-water mark for the group as their eclectic new songs received a two-page feature in Rolling Stone. The album was ranked No. Their ninth studio release – marking a return to the band’s own label LidKerCow – is titled Wild and Reckless and was released on November 3,

Blitzen Trapper’s first album on Yep Roc is out in August. the intermediate period between a person’s separate lives on Earth “and what it means to “​Three separate mortality encounters wherein the individual is faced with the most potent of Watch Blitzen Trapper’s Blood-Splattered ‘Thirsty Man’ Video.

The video for Blitzen Trapper’s newest single, “Black River Killer,” features a studio audience of a talk show all wearing a version of the same horrible mask – one of composure mixed with a sadistic smirk and gray, penetrating eyes. They sit stoically through the early parts of the killer’s story, a plight that is influenced almost solely by his inability to overrule the quick work of the devil and his insatiable hunger for merciless, random murder.

When the explanation is finally out, unraveled like a roll of carpeting – a history of needless, remorseless violence that cannot be slowed or dissuaded – they aggressively call for his head — the same kind of violence to be done to the killer that he inflicted with knives and pistols. The audience is angry and thirsty for what it would call justice, but what the scene, full of whooping and crazed body language, really goes to show is the same natural inclinations for homicidal tendencies in all human beings.

Some are just more “right” than others. Some of these tendencies are just looked at as the less crooked kinds, but it’s a fine line that one only tends to see when they’ve been pushed. Portland’s Blitzen Trapper find many different ways to bring us into its wild mountain nation – one that now, even after the Daytrotter record-breaking fourth visit here, still holds new looks, insights and dimensions to explore.

It’s a thick underbrush of vegetation which has grown over the countless rifle shell casings that unleashed the slugs that felled men and buffalo, whatever was out there moving and could be eaten by the scrawny prospectors and settlers. It’s an underbrush that grows out of soil that been piled upon itself, layer-by-layer of compost and decaying carcasses, covering up arrowheads chiseled out of soft rocks by the natives who lived their previously.

Song of the Day

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Earley and guitarist Erik Menteer flexed their muscles on the quasi-prog rock epic “Thirsty Man” and Drummer Brian Adrian Koch splintered the.

The Portland, Ore. Unfortunately, the record came out during a time when precious indie-folk music was bubbling to the surface thanks in large part to a soundtrack from a certain New Jersey-based film. In , folk music had once again hit mainstream pop radio, and Blitzen Trapper was left in the dust. Lead singer Eric Earley wrote narrative-based songs that evoke the working class soot of Bruce Springsteen and the keen, steely gaze of Neil Young.

Earley and company leaned heavily on this new album, but still threw in some surprises during its sparsely attended Turner Hall Ballroom show on Tuesday night. The mercurial musical influences of Blitzen Trapper causes their live performances to sound like walking into a Tennessee bar, putting a 10 dollar bill in the jukebox and pressing the random button. The set started raucous with “Rock and Roll Was Made For You ,” as Earley, in a sleeveless flannel shirt, sang with a country twang and hammered through a blistering closing solo.

The mistake only seemed to enliven Earley, who took the opportunity to pay back the crowd by taking a few song requests. Skip to main content. Photo credit: Kellen Nordstrom. Friends of the Shepherd Help support Milwaukee’s locally owned free weekly newspaper.

Thirsty Man – Single

Unsurprisingly the set-list from this sell-out gig at The Lexington featured many tracks from their latest and was all the better for it as it is a great record check out our review of it here. The band are touring in Europe till the end of this month. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. All words by Craig Chaligne.

As Blitzen Trapper gear up to take this Wild Mountain Nation (and Canada) by storm on It contains five songs, amongst them a single new original (“Going Wrong”). and includes stops alongside Man Man, Menomena, Mahjongg, Grand Archives, and others. Hattiesburg, MS – Thirsty Hippo *.

The Blitzen Trapper boys—who hail from Portland, Oregon—have been at the music game together for 17 years now. And instead of burning out they seem to continue to sprint ahead in full creative force. True to their chosen titles, Blitzen Trapper loves the wild road life and the wild road certainly loves them. Blitzen synth-maker and guitarist Marty Marquis opened up the night with some of his solo work, reflecting openly on his choice to stay in Portland rather than move to big cities like New York where bands like his often feel the need to make the pilgrimage to.

But more than anything that the first song gave the Biltmore a taste of disco, a genre that Blitzen often interweaves with classic rock. Earley was at peak energy, and his band was right there with him. Wearing a vintage shirt and denim, Earley strikes viewers as small-town guy straight out of the 70s—think Dazed and Confused to the tune of folk rock.

Blitzen Trapper – Thirsty Man (Bing Lounge)