This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. This thread was marked as Locked by Fluxflashor. You’re RNG was much more luckier than his was. These cards came from his deck. I think you should just back away from the computer, take a big breath, and then smile. Luxienna – Main Jaina, Jaina is love, Jaina is life! Might be because hunters are a very common deck?

Fortnite Failed To Connect To Matchmaking Service

Aug 19, Hearthstone General; Matchmaking system rigged. Again, mostly about ual things. And I hate to break it to u witchcraft is one of the devils works. We’re gonna go through few simple reasons why there are complex algorithms behind the matchmaking. How the hell is it possible every time when you are in a streak it puts with the decks that you have the lowest win ratio.

So, you think that the developers clearly lied to our face when they described how matchmaking works?

Reynad’s theory on Blizzard manipulating Hearthstone ladder matchmaking. 56, views56K views. • Mar 6, Share Save.

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Back in middle school and high school, my friends and I got hooked on Magic: The Gathering in a big way. I spent a few thousand dollars over a span of eight years or so amassing a fearsome collection of cardboard, and I spent thousands of hours playing the game during countless lunch periods, after-school pickup games, and low-level tournaments on the weekends.

I quit the game all-but-cold-turkey when I went to college, finding other outlets for my limited supply of money and time. A brief introduction is in order for those who are not yet hooked. Each Hearthstone battle is played between two competitors with card decks, each taking turns drawing from their deck and seeking to be the first to drain their opponent of 30 life points. Cards can summon minions, which stay on the board and can do damage at every turn or cast spells that provide helpful or harmful effects.

Much like World of Warcraft , Hearthstone makes use of a class system that lets players choose a specific ability that they can employ once per turn.

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Matchmaking allows players to form teams and to find opponents. Current service service suffers both from an insufficient player base and from the precision of the matchmaking algorithm [13]. recent-actions-against-botting-in-hearthstone-​ fense against information exposure cheats.

And if I told you the world was flat, that the sun is fake, that the moonlanding was faked, would you take the time to research those too? Lets say I didnt know these things, i wouldnt care so much about if it was flat fake, mabey i check for fun to know but then leave it be, i mean if its flat or not, it doesnt affect me. If they, after examining millions upon millions of user-submitted games, have found no evidence of any rigged RNG, I have no reason to believe some rando on the internet over them.

Nor have I noticed any anomalies with the matchmaking. Switching decks never seems to have a tangible effect on the decks that I face. If anything, losing or gaining ranks seems to be the only thing that has a significant impact on the decks that I face, as I run into more meta decks the higher I climb. Eh, personally I find this to be the weakest part of the argument.

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Anti-cheat software is an absolute shit show of cat-and-mouse tactics. Now they have a bit more experience with the issue so it seems it is getting more attention. Sure, but I don’t see a good alternative. Cheating is a real problem and will quickly destroy your online community see other comments in this thread. Sacrificing a small percent of your playerbase in the name of having a functioning online system at all seems like a reasonable solution to me.

It’s unfortunate that it is necessary, but people are jerks. Provide the server software for players to host their own servers and provide their own solutions to these problems. These are tools and approaches that we had in past games and while they are not perfect, they are better than these black box invasive anticheat solutions born from a desire to avoid giving community control to users. That is, actually take responsibility, which is something game developers and major publishers seem allergic to.

AnIdiotOnTheNet 7 months ago.

Exposed hearthstone matchmaking algorithms

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Algorithms and Matchmaking panel at IWNY HQ 2012